Slowthreads is an inclusive slow fashion brand for the thinking woman. We are about throwing out body stereotypes and encouraging women of all ages and sizes to feel comfortable in their skin. Clothing that’s minimal and mindfully made.

Green Future Club

The Green Future Club is a network of sustainable innovators and experts with a vision of a near future, where all products are sustainable. The Club runs awards, exhibitions, networking-events, supports young designers through the Green Cells program and releases the yearly Green Trend Book with international best practices. Members benefit from knowledge-exchange, networking, co-creation, …

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Jain Roots

Indore India’s 1st grocery outlet franchise model store. Jain Roots is the brand of Khushi Agro Private Limited to enable our customers to shop with us directly. Our motto is to provide our consumers with a completely healthy food environment. Working as the largest food category and 160 plus products range—the deep study of food …

Jain Roots Read More », a company founded by Malini Parmar and Smita Kulkarni are techies turned ecopreneurs who believed in a zero-waste world. We provide products and services to reduce and manage waste.

Virmansha Designs Pvt Ltd

Virmansha Designs was started as a initiative to upcycle textile waste- post consumer and tailoring extras to create daily utility products, that are made by rural artisans from the comfort of their homes. We started as a trial in 2018, became a company in 2021. We are based out of Lucknow and so far we …

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Shrestha Bioorganics

We are a leading manufacturer of Vermicompost, dedicated to providing high-quality organic fertilizers for sustainable agriculture. Our team at Shrestha Bio Organics is committed to harnessing the power of vermicomposting to create nutrient-rich soil amendments that enhance crop growth and yield. With a focus on environmental responsibility and promoting natural farming practices, we pride ourselves …

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Vision Mechatronics

We are super excited to share our strong commitment to sustainability and Eco-friendliness here at Vision Mechatronics Private Limited. Did you know that all our operations are designed with a focus on reducing environmental impact? From energy-efficient manufacturing processes to responsible waste management practices, we’re always striving to do better for our planet. Our products …

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Farmaile aims to become India’s most popular chemical-free spice and herbs brand. To help nature make progress toward long-term sustainability. Providing consumers with chemical-free food options that are both delectable and beneficial for them. Farmaile wants to start a major movement that will get people eating pure food and living better like they did hundreds …

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Aimveda Products

Aimveda Products offers a wide range of herbal soaps, personal care products, home care products, and pujan (worship) products. Our aim is to provide you with natural and high-quality products that promote well-being and nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Each product is carefully crafted using traditional herbal ingredients to ensure that you receive the …

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tathagat organics

In the realm of sustainable agriculture, vermicompost has gained significant popularity as an organic fertilizer. With its numerous benefits for soil health and crop productivity, farmers and garden enthusiasts are increasingly seeking the Vermicompost Manufacturer In India. We at Tathagat Organics are the Best Vermicompost Manufacturer In India. Contact Us to Buy Vermicompost In India …

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